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The Importance of Dreams

Resources and Guides

Internet Websites
Dreams-Dream Dictionaries-Dream Interpretation
Fishbowl Dream School
The DreamDoctor

Dreams and Dream Psychology
Carl Jung & Dreams
CG Jung Page
Sigmund Freud
Marion Woodman
Jean Houston
Personality Theories

Joseph Campbell
Jonathan Young

Books and Audio Books

Man and His Symbols
Carl Jung

Memories, Dreams and Reflections
Carl Jung

The Portable Jung
Joseph Campbell

The Hero With A Thousand Faces
Joseph Campbell

Dreams-Language of the Soul
Marion Woodman

The Power of Myth
Joseph Campbell
PBS Series with Bill Moyers

For Further Study
  • A Dummies Guide to Dreams
  • How To Remember Your Dreams
  • The Importance of Dreams
  • The Importance of Myth
  • Dreams & Myth
  • Dreams and Archetypes
  • Metaphor and Symbols
  • Six Steps To Remember Your Dreams
  • Dream Theories

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    Introduction/ What Are Dreams?/ Understanding Symbols/ Symbols and Metaphor/ The Unconscious
    Discovering the True Self/ Interpreting the Dream/

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