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Dream Title: Jesus

Submitted by Sandra
Age: 57
Location: Wales United Kingdom
Date Posted: May 19, 2005

The Dream

I dreamt I was walking up the path to a house. I was lost. I went in the house and it was large and empty. I opened the door to a room and saw a large table in there with achair either side. There was a man sitting on one side of the table(facing me) with his head covered with a hood. The material was like sacking material. I couldn't see his face so I went to sit down opposite him. I askd him where I was because I was lost. He looked up and removed the hood and I looked into the most beautiful brown eyes I had ever seen. He was so gentle that I could feel it in my heart. He smiled and I felt so much love come from him that my soul hurt. He said "you are not lost" and he reached out to take my hands. His hands were soft and his fingers were long. I felt as if I would be safe forever just remembering this moment. Then I woke up. For months afterwards, that contented happy feeling (which was a physical feeling) stayed in my chest.,

The Interpretation

The house is you. The path you are walking is the path of finding what is really inside yourself, your true identity. You probably have feelings of being 'empty' in your current situation.

Openning the door is to open up to what is inside you. The table with chairs on either side may indicate a need for balance in your life. The man sitting at the table is probably your masculine self {see anima/animus at left}. This part of you is covered, not seen or known, or utilized. It is opposite of who you are and without this part you are feel lost.

I would guess that you have brown eyes. Or have a thing for brown eyes.

Are you in a relationship, and if so is it the one you wish you could have? The dream is probably speaking to both the need for a balance within yourself, masculine qualities to go with your feminine qualities, and perhaps a desire for that balancing relationship with a male. Your titled your dream Jesus. That may indicate the need for a balance within, an unconscious idea that penetrates through the dream even though he {Jesus} is not in your dream. If you find Jesus { not in a religious way but as a perfect masculine match} you will havfe that balance you wish for in your life. These types of emotions can be very strong, comptemplating the possibility of finding that part of you that has left an empty feeling.

There may also be that spiritual element involved in your dream and your title about Jesus. Jung, a scientist, said that we all have a spiritual aspect, and when we discover that aspect we begin to bring balance into our life. But do not mistake spiritual for religion. Religion relies more on faith and the spiritual {WWJD} is pure deeds. Faith without the deeds brings about as much bad in your life as if you had none. By being spiritual in the way of Jesus you are following the natural laws of nature where good produces good, bad produces bad. In simple words, 'what goes around, comes around'.

Response to Interpretation
Dear Gerard,

I think you have given a wonderful interpretation to my dream. Yes! I do have brown eyes and Yes I do have a thing about men with brown eyes. My father had brown eyes and I think that is the reason. I called the dream Jesus because I was aware in the dream that it was someone very holy, probably Jesus. You are also right what you said about the house being me. I am very spiritual and I having been thinking a lot lately about God, religion etc. I have never had a very loving relationship with my father. He has never been able to get that close. As well as this other person symbolising masculine traits I might wish for, do you think he could be the father I was longing for too?

Thanks for your interpretation. I will reflect on it and be in touch shortly. God bless


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