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Dream Title: Pink Helicopter Crash

Submitted by Angela
Age: 37
Location: Baton Rouge, La
Date Posted: April 19, 2005

The Dream

I am in the town I grew up in. I am at an intersection and the traffic light is red. I am a passenger in a car and a male is driving. I notice a pink helicopter flying upside down across the sky. It is flying from my right towards my left in the sky above the car I am in. I look at it through the windshield. The helicopter seems to be having some difficulty as it continues to fly upside down. It is looking like it will crash but right before it does it flew back up. It does this several times until it flies over a power station that is on my left. I start praying out loud and I notice there are people in the back seat. Everyone watches quietly as I plead with God to save this crash from occurring. The the helicopter lands in the power station and it does not crash. The side door opens up on the helicopter and it is full of young passengers, a pilot and co-pilot. They all look stunned as they stare at me.I see a pretty little blonde girl who doesn't seem to understand what has occured. I wonder if my prayer saved them from crashing and maybe I was not the only one praying, maybe those in the backseat prayed also only they didn't do it out loud like me. Then the helicopter drives off through the intersection. I begin to cry outloud at what could've been. Everyone in the car is silent as I continue to cry.

The Interpretation

The town in which you grew up in may suggest this dream is trying to communicate something about past experiences. It may be an experience whose influence continues to this day and affects certain abilities or ambitions. The red light may indicate a repression or desire not to acknowledge these experiences or their influence. There is some masculine aspect in your life that has an influence with this experience. The pink helicopter may symbolize ambitions with the pink representing feminine instincts, the desire to achieve certain goals and not using the feminine instincts. If this is the case you find yourself having trouble obtaining these goals, perhaps due to the masculine the world around you. You may feel at time you are going to crash in your pursuit of those things you wish to achieve. The power station may indicate your power center, that aspect of your personality that keeps you going. When you reach down to this power within you find renewed strenght. Praying my be a reference to religious faith and/or your own inner seld where your true greater strenght resides. Becauce of your resealance you manage to overcome the difficulties although you may still not achieve all your goals. You have a strong head and probably a strong personality that helps you with your desires. In the end it is you {people staring at you} that has the ability to make the gains in life you desire. But there is an innocent part of you that does not understand or like the aggressive manner in which you mjust act to achieve what you want {masculine attitudes= aggression}. You are not sure what helps you to be strong in this aggressive atmosphere, whether it is your onw inner strenght or that of asking outside sources to help you. Not having achieved your desired goals, those goals seemingly having been missed, you wish for what might have been if there was not these other influences.

Either the dream is trying to communicate something from your childhood that has not been fully acknowledged, or there were influences from childhood that while not traumatic in nature were strong enough to carry over into your adult life and hold a strong influence on your life still. Are you having trouble in achieveing that balance in life? Are you trying to achieve something career wise or personal that you can not seem to reach? Look back at your childhood to see what influences may be there. Then look at your life today to determine what you which you could have and just can not seem to acheive. IT is probably something you say to yourself, what if?

Response to Interpretation
Hi Gerard,
Thank you for taking time to help me interpret this dream. Your observation is right on the money. Yes, I want to be more feminine. My husband and I were discussing a women he works with. She is described by other men as a "well kept women". Not in a negative, but that is what she presents to the world. When my husband said that about her I said I would love to be a well kept women. Where he said "you can do that" and my reply was it takes too much money. Then he reminded me of my dear friend who is like that and she is by no means wealthy. She just knows how to present herself. Which got me thinking about why I don't try harder to acheive what I want. Which lead to the self doubt I am struggling to rid myself of. As for the childhood carry over. Well my father was very hard on my mother and held the money tightly, even to the point of worship. By the way, the male in the drivers seat in my dream was a former boss. He was known as a "tight-wad". Since my mother did not model to me what a women could be in the strong feminine, I do wish that had been different. Then, in my mind, it wouldn't be so much of a struggle to acheive at this time in my life. I have to say I am a bit angry about the dynamics I was raised under. I don't express that or spend much time with that anger either. Could that be something?

My spiritual life is my power and I sometimes neglect it and pay attention to the real power it holds for me. I do feel off balance most of the time and when I am able to achieve balance it is short lived. I wish I could maintain it daily. Angela


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