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Dream Title: dreamed I was a man and in some sort of war

Submitted by Jackie
Age: 28
Location: Kansas
Date Posted: May 18, 2005

The Dream

The other night I dreamed I was a man and I was married to a woman and we were outside of a city that was involved in a war and somehow our daughter,Tori was in the city.My wife was wearing a green scarf of poor quality and she got into an argument with another woman to trade scarves who had a blue scarf and was of a richer material so we could get into the city to retrieve our daughter. Finally the woman agreed and I was fervently praying to God that we were not too late and that we could get in the city at all and please God let us save,Tori and then I woke up.

Please keep in mind I am a woman and have two boys and know noone named,Tori but felt like crying when I woke up like I had lost something very precious!

The Interpretation

It looks as if you are dealing with masculine/feminine issues. I will give an interpretation by tomorrow.
I apologize for the delay but I have very full days.

Response to Interpretation

I hadn't realized it but I think you are right about dealing with some mas/fem issuses I am also trying to keep my kids and am fighting with their father; and my husband now only provides financially for the most part and my children are ignoring my rules and disciplining. Maybe that is why I dreamed I was a man and in a war and I was trying to save my "daughter".Either that or I dreamed about a past life!!!lol Thank You Gerard I appreciate your time and interest in my dream and you probably hit the nail on the head!

Gerard's Response

Bingo! The conflict you are having with your children and husband {or ex} is most likely the stimulus for your dream. This is the war in your dream, and within yourself. Being the man may symbolize taking over the responsibilities, and pressures, of having to govern your family's life. Where as in most dreams the characters in a dream symbolize aspects of yourself, dreams of siblings often refer to the actual persons.

The wife in your dream is probably describing how you feel about yourself and/or your situation. You may feel your life at the moment is of poor quality. Seeing a scarf in your dream may also symbolize self-restrictions. You may be too controlling of your emotions instead of expressing them. The argument with the other woman probably relates to your desire to be in a better situation than you are, and the arguments over how best to rein in your children. One aspect is to have more control of your children's actions, where they will live by your rules. Trying to save Tori {non-existent female} is probably trying to save some aspect of yourself, the feminine self that usually is more caring and less controlling, more nurturing instead of being more demanding. It is partly a war between the masculine qualities that are being demaded of you {both personal and the events involving the children's father}.

Also, since both your children are boys, the feminine aspect probably feels threatened, thus the inclusion in your dream of a girl that needs rescuing. This may lead back to your childhood and early desires of a need to be rescued from something in your life. Let me know your thoughts and perhaps we can learn more about the possibilities of your dream's meaning.

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