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Dream Title: Shot on the Head

Submitted by Marilu
Age: 37
Location: Venezuela
Date Posted: May 3, 2005

The Dream

This is the first time I am trying to analyze a dream...but it was so vivid and real I thought I needed to do it. I was sit on the floor with two people I never met (one man and one woman) and a man with a gun was threatening us with shooting to us. I was thinking he would never do it, I was sure it was only a threat, but I was not going to be killed. Just then, he said: Ladies first! and he shot the other woman directly in the head. I never saw her. I looked at the man, then he smiled at me and he shot me on the head too. I felt nothing, so I got up and started walking. At that moment I saw myself in a mirror, and I saw I had a perfect circle on the head, with no blood at all. And I woke up. What does this mean? Can you help me? Now I am scared and cannot sleep well again.

The Interpretation

Venezuela. How small the world becomes when in cyberspace. How are things south of the border? {the US border, a border that many here wish to close off and pretend the rest of the world does not exist}.

The floor on which you are sitting probably represents the foundation {the principles, the way you think, your personal philosophies} that supports your life. The two unknown people are most likley unknown aspects within yourself, masculine and feminine, with another masculine aspect threatening to change you or parts of you and/or your life. These may be emotional aspects rather than normal everyday aspects of your life that are threatening to change.

Specifically there may be a masculine aspect, or even a male in your life that is a threat to you. There may be a confrontation with some male. Or a confrontation between masculine aspects that threaten your overall psyche {See anima/animus at left column to better understand the masculine/feminine qualitites within the psyche}. Shooting someone in the head, and here it is the feminine, may symbolize emotional wounds. Is there a male who has or is capable of inflicting such emotional wounds? If not then look to the masculine qualities within you that threaten to inflict internal wounds to your feminien self {being too aggressive, overbearing, etc. are masculine qualities}.

Since this masculine aspect shoots you in the head and you feel nothing, may indicate an indifference to the emotional pain. You may have experience these wounds so often you no longer give thought to them.

Looking in the mirror reflects your true self. The circle on the head may indicate again that these wounds, while not bloody {so emotional you can not survive} are something that are recurring in your life.

Look at your life and determine if indeed there is an actual male who fits the discription I present above. If not then there is most likley an internal conflict within you that needs to be resolved. This conflict would probably have to do with principles you believe in but are being tested by forces that are contrary to your beliefs. And they are mascuiline oriented and can inflict wounds to your feminine self.

{An example: If you have to be too aggressive in some aspect of your waking life {a masculine trait} that hurts or harms others, then this would be in conflict with that part of you that would rather give comfort and assistance to others, instead of hardships {this is a feminine trait}

Let me know your thoughts to my interpretation. Your response may give more info that shines a new light on the possibilities to your dream's meaning.

Response to Interpretation

Hi Gerard. Thanks for your time. I found your answer quite interesting and very insightful. Let me tell you something about me. I am a rational, thinking type, with my masculine aspects more developed than the feminine ones. Lately, I have been through a personal crisis, after my father was diagnosed with a panchreatic cancer. To be forced to face his illness and eventual death made me confront my own mortality. I guess I started to reflect on the meaning of my life, and specifically on the importance of making the most of every moment. I have a career, a job, a husband and one son, but sometimes I feel my life is is like I am missing passion in my life. So I feel your interpretation is right on...I think the meaning is not that I have suffered repeated emotional wounds, but I have suffered of lack of emotions in my life, it`s like I cannot feel intense emotions any more (I am scared of feeling...).
Thanks for this food for thought and inner reflection! It surely helps!


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