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Common Dream Motifs
Motif: a main element, idea or feature of art, literature and music {the Muse}. In dreams the motif is the main theme, with the possibility of one or more motifs within it
Being Naked/Nude
Exposing It All

(1) Nudity may express a longing (possibly unconscious) for chidhood innocence and freedom from artifical inhibitions.

(2) It may signify getting beyond outward appearances to what you really are: the 'naked truth' about yourself. It may therefore be accompanied by an anxious feeling of being exposed - that is, vulnerable.

(3) If you are ashamed or frightened of being naked, and move away so people can't see you, this may indicate either a fear of sexual relationships or fear of revealing your inner feelings.

(4) If you are showing off your nudity, this may represent either desire for sex; or a state of being at ease with yourself and not feeling a need to apologize for being the person you are; or complete honesty and openniness in your dealings with other people.

....more nudity

The nudity of Venus was sacred and a symbol of love yet appearing naked in your dreams often leaves the dreamer very perplexed. The Western tradition offers two strikingly different interpretations of nudity.

On the one hand - childlike and innocence - on the other hand a profane and illicit attachment to sexual pleasures.

After falling from grace in Paradise, Adam and Eve covered their nakedness; shame had entered their consciousness, and the world could never be the same again.

Dreaming of a powerful woman being nude, depicts a strengthening of the dreamer's Aminus, the active principle in woman.

Dreaming of being naked depicts the dreamer's vulnerability, perhaps a desire to shed defences, a freedom from shame and a love of truth.

Excessive anxiety about nudity in oneself or others may suggest a fear of honesty and openness in relationships, or a failure to accept or integrate one's own sexual energies.

For Freud, nudity could also represent a longing for the lost innocence of childhood, or an expression of the dreamer's repressed sexual exhibitionism, usually the result of parental attitudes during the childhood's self-display stages.

Disgust at another's nudity suggests anxiety, disappointment or aversion at discovering the real nature of the person dreamt about. Sometimes it shows an unwillingness to let other people be themselves.

To dream of being naked in a public place amongst other people who are unconcerned usually indicates that the dreamer should disgard any fears about being rejected if our real self is revealed.

To accept nudity indicates the dreamer's ability to see through peoples defences and accept them for what they really are. For Freud it was his favourite dream to see himself naked in front of others who were totally unaware of his presence.
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