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Common Dream Motifs

Motif: a main element, idea or feature of art, literature and music {the Muse}. In dreams the motif is the main theme, with the possibility of one or more motifs within it
on Fire

The House

A house is almost always a symbol for yourself; your self image, your emotional self, the way you structure {or need to} your life. The house is the inhabited aspects of your psyche. A parent's house may indicate emotions toward your mother and/or father, including childhood feelings towards a parent{s}, or experiences from that period in your life. The different floors may signify what those emotions pertain to: an attic may be stored or repressed emotions; the main floor everyday associations; a basement deep unconscious emotions or repressed aspects that have accumulated throughout your life. See rooms for further possibilities.


Fire can symbolize one or more of the following {but not limited to}: passion, sexual or or extreme emotions; fever, an actual body fever; unconscious destructive attitudes, greed, hate, anger; transformation, a need to rid yourself of unwanted attitudes or aspects that prevent you from being your true self; spirituality, a need to discover {self-} knowledge about your inner self.

Dreaming of your house being on fire may symbolize your external life is 'going up in flames', or a feeling that it is. Look at the dream and determine what causes these feelings, the other symbols associated with the fire. Sometimes these associated symbols appear as other people which may indicate emotions pertaining to that person or aspects that person possesses that represent your own emotions about yourself or other people.

Parent's House on Fire

Seldom will a dream predict an event such as an actual fire at your parent's home. Not to say this is impossible but it is not the norm. Dreams compensate what you already know {perhaps unconsciously}and can be predicators of future events. The fear of a parent's house burning is most often symbolic of an emotional attactment to the parent. Look to your relationship with your parents. Is there anger or repressed emotions that have not been fully communicated, to them or your conscious self? Has there been events in the days prior to the dream that caused some emotional distress toward a parent, not something deep seeded but an event that ocurred and is now being replayed in the dream?
Your parent's home could very well symbolize how you see your parents. If this image is in someway distorted then that image could be symbolized as your parent's house going up in flames, their house on fire. See mother/father for further reference.

Jung states that every dream has at least two meanings. One is the personal, the ego-centric everyday life and the events that take place during a period of time proceeding a dream. Anger at a parent a few days prior to a dream may be reflected in the dream as a house being on fire. But there is also a deeper meaning, having to do with unconscious attitudes or emotions toward your parents, or yourself {parents symbolizing wise aspects that have been ignored or neglected}. You will need to determine the true relationship with your parents to determine which scenario fits your dream. If that is balanced then look to other aspects within yourself.

In Conclusion

To determine in a dream of a house on fire may symbolize you will need to examine your life and see what possibilities best fit who you are. Are there unconscious attitudes toward your parents that you have not confronted? If you have a good relationship with your parents then in what way could they represent possible aspects of your own wiser self that you have ignored or need to incorporate into your life. Does the dream give more attention to events that happened recently, or could the dream be speaking to deeper emotions? It all points to a self-evaluation of your own life and what the symbols represent to you individually. Someone else can have the same dream and it would have an entirely different meaning. So the way of the dream.


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