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Subject:   Sinking Sailboat
Name:   Felicia
Date Posted:   Sep 7, 05 - 12:31 PM
IP Address:
Email:   emailthedevil@gmail.com
Age & Location   18 Southern California
Gender - Male or Female   Female
Message:   A friend of mine and I were walking around at night in a neighborhood that I didn't recognize. Then we were walking up a driveway, but I didn't seem to take notice of what house we were in front of. But on the driveway there was a boat, more like a sailboat, and it sank into the pavement. This worried me a little bit, almost like I felt like I was in trouble, I guess. There was something on the driveway where the boat just was, I'm not sure what it was but it looked like some sort of metal plumbing that went underneath the cement. At this moment my dream had become lucid, started hovering and I noticed my friend disappeared and there was a man across the street, but I couldn't see who it was or any features. He was just looking at me and it I felt I should get away from him. Then the environment around me was quickly moving and the man was toward me. Right before what would have been a collision I darted upwards. I looked up with my actual eyes to fly, and in my panicked state I unintentionally woke myself forcing my eyelids open. This was my first and so far only lucid dream I've ever had.
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