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Mother Earth - A Living Organism

The Unconscious World of Dream
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Basic meaning: things are falling apart, some aspect in your life is on unsound footing.

(1) What is quaking, or in danger of falling apart, may be you or your life. Is your marriage breaking up, or your business? Or do you need to look below the surface of yourself, into the depths of your unconscious, to see what is threatening to explode? Violence is usually caused by frustration. What part of you have you buried in the unconscious and robbed of its right to a place in your life?

(2) Since earth may represent mother, an earthquake could mean the breaking-up of your mother-attachment; or possibly the death of your mother (not a prediction of her death).

(3) Since earth may represent the unconscious, an earthquake may represent your fear of being swallowed up by your mother or mothet-attachment, or some other unconscious complex.

Reference: Eric Ackroyd

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