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(1) This may be a sexual symbol, representing male gentials. As such it would appear in a woman's dreams and might express a fear of sex, or an ambivalent fear - facination feeling towards it.

(2) The frog may symbolize the unconscious, or some part or function of the psyche that still lies buried in your unconscious, perhaps something that you find horrifying or disgusting because of some traumatic experiences that gave rise to anxiety and/or guilt feelings.

{3} Perhaps the frog in your dream comes from the story of the Frog-Prince. In the story a young woman is visited in her bed by a frog. At first, the girl is horrified and pushes the frog away. On the third night, however, she relents, and in the insuing embrace the frog is transformed into a handsome prince.
Ernest Jones, a follower and biographer of Freud, says this is a story of a virgin overcoming her sexual fear.
For Joseph Campbell, an authority on mythology and a Jungian, the frog in the story symbolizes the unconscious, which at first sight is frightening but, when assimilated by the conscious ego, reveals itself for what it is - the total psyche, beautiful and true.
One might add that in both these interpretations what brings about the psychis transformation is a sexual embrace, but in the second interpretation it is an inner embrace, an intermingling and mutual penetration of the masculine and feminine sides of the psyche.

Jung tells us that there are at least two interpretations to every dream. Bothe the interpretations, Jones and Campbell, could very well be applical to the dream. One is a need to overcome an outward personal fear, and at the same time a need to delve into the unconscious and overcome the frightening aspects that unconsciously controls one's life.

Reference: Eric Ackroyd

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