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{1} {Climbing} a ladder may symbolize progress: improving your status; achieving or moving towards a goal.

{2} Climbing a ladder to heaven is a recurring mythological motif. It may be seen as a symbol of achieving personal wholeness

{3} Soemtimes the ladder - like Jacob's in the Book of Genesis - is used by angels descending and ascending: a symbol of communication between the spiritual and physical aspects of the self, or between the true self and the ego.

{4} Descending a ladder to escape from an upper story of a burning house might symbolize {a need to} escape from your emotionals self.

{5} Descending a latter into a deep pit or well might symbolize a resolve - or need - to explore your unconscious depths. Climbing a ladder to get out of a pit or well might symbolize the need to escape from something that threatens to engulf you - a mother-attachment, perhaps, or other unconscious contents.

Reference: Eric Ackroyd

The spiritual path....is a psychological journey
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