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Sex Dreams
Dreams of Sex
in Jungian


Basic Meaning: Merging of energies, aspects or qualities within yourself.

(1) In dreams of sex your partner may symbolize some part of your own psyche, for example, your anima if you are a male, or your animus if your are a female (see Glossary of Jungian Termnology), and the sexual act will then be a symbol of the union of opposites which leads to wholeness and balance in your personality.

(2) Having sex in a dream is may be a straightforward expression of sexual desire. Sex with someone other than your partner may express desire for that person and/or dissatisfaction with your partner.

(3) Uninhibited sex in a dream would suggest that the dreamer's actual sex life is uninhibited.

(4) Another reason for paying attention to dreams depicting sexual relations is that your shadow (see Shadow) may be very prominent in sex; so here is a way of getting to know your alter-ego, the hidden part of yourself.

Reference: Eric Ackroyd
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