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{1} If in a dream you behave violently towards a person or animal, some deep-seated anger or resentment is indicated, particilarly if such behaviour recurs in your dreams. The cause may be frustration of a basic desire. Guilt-feelings caused by a desire that was {perhaps wrongly} felt to be illegitimate may be accompanied by anger,either directed outwards against someone {perhaps a parent} who forbade the fulfillment of the desire, or directed inwards against yourself as a form of self-punishment. Therefore, if in a dream you are the victim of violence, this may be a symbol of your tendency to punish yourself.

{2} Even where the violence is obviously directed towards someone else, it may indicate anxiety. For example, a man who dreams of cruel sex with a woman is almost certainly afraid of women and afraid of - guilty about - his own sexuality. The cause of the guilt and anxiety needs to be uncovered, even if it means seeing a psychotherapist.

{3} A violent explosion - volcano, bomb, etc. - will usually mean that some part of you is frustrated and ready to wreak havoc in your life if you continue to deny it an outlet for expression.

{4} Our violence is caused by emotions taking us over; and such emotional take-overs are the result of frustrated healthy desires.

Reference: Eric Ackroyd

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